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Veterinarian Says:

DO NOT adopt shelter dogs and cats IF YOU...

  …….5 reasons why.

Here are 5 reasons NOT to adopt from a shelter or rescue.

  1. DON'T adopt IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT the Puppy Mill industry!! Puppy Mills SELL puppies to Puppy Stores. To maximize profits Puppy Mills have to crowd dogs in cages and keep breeding the same mothers over and over. If these dogs get sick or can no longer produce litters they are often times not provided medical care but instead are euthanized and new dogs brought in. When you buy a puppy from a puppy store you are supporting the Puppy Mill owners making money. The ASPCA estimates there are almost 10,000 puppy mills in the United States. Puppy Mills will many times use hormones and steroids to maximize the number of puppies in each litter. If you do not adopt from a shelter or rescue you are actively supporting an industry which should be banned. There are few regulations and little monitoring of puppy mills. The inhumane treatment of the pets often results in many having very poor health and poor socialization skills with people. Don't be fooled by a USDA license. While a license is required it does very little to ensure the health and safety of these pets.
  2. DON'T adopt IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT Puppy Stores which sell dogs from Puppy Mills!! Most Puppy Stores will sell puppies they buy from Puppy Mills. Many pet store owners will tell you they get all their puppies from "licensed USDA breeders" or "local breeders." In fact, in order to sell puppies to pet stores, a breeder must be licensed by the USDA! Pet stores often use this licensing to provide a false sense of security to customers. In fact what it really means is that they get their puppies from puppy mills. Puppy Stores SELL puppies for profit. They buy low and sell high for hundreds or thousands of dollars above their cost. They clean them up, spray them with perfume, load them up on antibiotics to mask any illness, dress them in cute outfits and put them on display. Many of these puppies will have ongoing health issues from poor breeding. When a puppy gets too old to sell they can easily be euthanized and new puppies brought in. When you buy toys, food or accessories from Puppy Stores you continue to support their business.
  3. DON'T adopt IF YOU DO NOT CARE about the millions of loving homeless pets in shelters and rescues. Over 14,000 shelters and rescues in this country have a 365 day a year job caring for the millions of homeless pets they take in. Many times these organizations are working on shoestring budgets from donations from the public to provide the best care they can until these pets can be placed into loving homes. As a society we are trying to move forward in providing a comfortable temporary home for these pets and decreasing unnecessary euthanasia. By making your first trip to a shelter or rescue in your town YOU are making a difference for these pets. You are supporting the efforts of everyone who works and volunteers for these groups. You will be rewarded by having a loving pet and knowing you made the right choice.
  4. DON'T adopt if you want a pure bred dog or cat!! WRONG ANSWER. There are MANY pure breed rescues across the country. Many of the dogs and cats found at breed specific rescues are there because of the caring people who started the rescue love that breed. Many of these dogs originally came from puppy stores and now are in the need for a new home. The pure breed rescues are many times very familiar with these breeds and can provide a wealth of information regarding the pet’s care and specific needs. They can help ensure your decision is a great fit for you and the pet. Search "Breed Specific Rescue" online and you will learn much more.
  5. DON'T adopt if you can't commit!! Bringing a pet into your home is a long commitment of 15-20 years in many cases. Pets require your time, love and money. If your life is too busy now then getting a pet may not be the best decision. The companionship and love they provide will reward you many times over but please make sure that for you and for them it is a relationship that will last for their lifetime.

Final thought: DON'T BE FOOLED BY ONLINE BREEDERS SELLING PUPPIES. Many online breeders are puppy mills in reality. No honest and reliable breeder will sell puppies to just anyone willing to pay. Reliable breeders want to meet you and for you have a relationship with them so they know their pets are going to good homes. You are making a huge commitment. Think about it and take your time. Puppy stores rely on the impulse purchase many times. DON'T be fooled. You are smarter than that.

About the author:

Glenn Buckley, DVM is the founder of Pet Rescue Rx

A pets before profits pharmacy”. Pet Rescue Rx will save you money on your pet medications and donates ALL profits to animal shelters and rescues selected by their customers. Dr. Buckley is a dreamer with a crazy idea that the world can be a better place especially for the millions of pets in shelters and rescues across the country.  Find out more at