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Tobramycin Opthalmic Solution

Tobramycin Opthalmic Solution by Valeant

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Tobramycin Ophthalmic 0.3% Solution is a safe and effective option for the treatment of bacterial infection(s) in your pets eye(s).

What is Tobramycin?These are eye drops that are applied directly in the affected eye(s) in order to treat localized bacterial infection(s).

What are the benefits of Tobramycin?

  • Highly effective in the treatment of susceptible bacterial infections in the eye(s).
  • Generic formulation that works well
  • Well-tolerated by most animals

Formulated for: cats and dogs.

How is this medication given?Your veterinarian will tell you the amount of drops to use and he/she will tell you how often this medication should be used in your pet.

Use warm water or sterile eyewash solution in order to remove any discharge from your pets eye(s) before applying Tobramycin.

Wash your hands well before and after each application. Position your pets head so that his/her eyes are looking towards the ceiling. His/her head should be tilted upwards slightly. Instill the required amount of drops in the affected eye(s). Do not touch the applicator tip directly to the eye. This helps prevent contamination

Offer your pet a treat or praise to let him/her they did a good job cooperating.

Finish all medication that is prescribed or infection may return or get worse. If you are unsure of how to apply this medication correctly, speak with your veterinarian. He/she can teach you how to apply these drops properly.

How does this medication work? Tobramycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic. This solution is formulated specifically for susceptible infections in the eye(s). It stops the growth of susceptible bacteria in the eye(s) and eventually resolves the infection so your pet can feel betterWhat results can I expect? Your pets bacterial infection is his/her eye(s) should be gone after the prescribed amount of medication is given. Your pets eyes should look and feel better. . If your pets eyes seem worse or they are not improving after several days of medication, contact your veterinarian.

What form(s) does Tobramycin come in? These are liquid eye drops.

Generic Name:Tobramycin (Common Drug Name)

Common Brand Name:Tobrex

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