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Epakitin Powder

Epakitin Powder by Vetoquinol

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Generic Name:


General Description:

This is a chitosan-based nutritional supplement for use in pets with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Chitosan supports kidney function and assists in slowing down the progression of CKD. It is a palatable powder that can be used alone or mixed with your pet's food.

What is this product?
  • A nutritional supplement
  • Given by mouth
Reasons for prescribing:
  • To support kidney function in dogs and cats; to ease the workload on damaged kidneys
  • Reduces the amount of phosphorus absorbed by intestines
  • Helps to reduce the level of some waste products that the kidney usually eliminates
What pets should not take this medication?
  • This product is intended only to support dogs and cats with CKD

Read and follow the label carefully.

This product can be used alone, with your pet's regular food, or ideally with a low phosphorous diet prescribed by your veterinarian. Unfortunately, many of these prescription diets aren't readily accepted by finicky eaters and your pet may be reluctant to eat the diet. Epakatin is very palatable to most pets and by adding it to the prescibed diet, your pet may eat it more readily.

The dosage is usually 1 g of Chitosan per 10 lb (5 kg) of body weight, twice daily with a meal.

One level scoop (provided with the product) = 1 g Chitosan.

Slightly moisten the food if your pet eats a dry food.

Ensure that your pet has ready access to plenty of fresh, clean drinking water.

This product can be given for the lifetime of your pet.

What if a dose is missed?

If a dose is missed, give it with the next meal. Do not give two doses at the same time.

What to tell/ask a veterinarian before giving medication?

Talk to your veterinarian about:

  • When will your pet need to be rechecked
  • What tests may need to be performed prior to and during treatment with this product
  • What are the risks and benefits of using this product

Tell your veterinarian about:

  • If your pet has experience side-effects on other drugs/products
  • If your pet has experienced digestive upset now or ever
  • If your pet has experienced any other medical problems or allergies now or ever
  • All medicines and supplements that you are giving your pet or plan to give your pet, including those you can get without a prescription. Your veterinarian may want to check that all of your pet's medicines can be given together.
Storage and Warnings:

Store in a cool, dry place.

Keep this and all medication out of reach of children and pets.

Call your physician immediately if you accidentally take this product.

Potential side effects:
  • If you notice anything unusual, contact your veterinarian
Can this product be given with other drugs/products?
  • Yes, but ensure that your veterinarian knows of all of the medicines and supplements that you are giving or are planning to give your pet.
  • If your pet experiences any unusual reactions when taking multiple medications, contact your veterinarian.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if your pet receives more than the prescribed amount.

What else should I know?

Notify your veterinarian if your animal's condition does not improve or worsens despite this treatment.

As with all prescribed medicines, Chitosan should only be given to the pet for which it was prescribed.

It should be given only for the condition for which it was prescribed.

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