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Monoject 22g 3/4

Monoject 22g 3/4" 3ml syringe/needle (luer lock) by Covidien Kendall

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Monoject 3 mL Syringes with Needles are Sterile Syringes and Needles manufactured by Kendall. These Monoject Syringes with Needles are individually wrapped for single use applications. Kendall Monoject Syringes are manufactured with a polypropylene barrel and plunger rod. Five different Monoject Syringe Tips are available to meet the needs of individual patients or the application. The 3 cc Syringe barrel is marked with graduated markings for measurements. The Kendall Monoject Syringe is latex free.

Kendall Monoject 3 mL Syringes with Needle Features & Benefits:

  • Barrel-based safety technology.
  • Robust safety shield that covers the entire needle during transport and after usage.
  • Transport position that allows clinicians to safely transport medication and eliminates the need to recap the needle.
  • Rigid pack packaging that may be autoclaved or gas.
  • Softpack blister packing also available for safe handling.
  • 3 mL Syringe or 3 cc Syringe with graduated markings for more accurate measurements.


How to Dispose of Needles and Syringes

Syringes and needles disposed of improperly are a health hazard to humans and animals. It is important to dispose of all "sharps" appropriately. "Sharps" include needles, lancets, scapel blades, or other medical instruments that could cause a cut or puncture.

Disposing of sharps properly protects anyone who might come in contact with your trash from the risk of injury or infection - this includes family members and sanitation workers. Never throw a loose sharp directly into the trash. Sharps should be placed in a rigid, puncture-resistant container with a secure lid immediately after use. Store the sharps container in a secure location, away from children and pets. When the container is full, seal it, and be sure to label it "Sharps." Each community has specific regulations for handling sharps and other medical wastes.

Call your local health department or solid waste management system for the regulations in your area. Please utilize proper disposal of all "Sharps" including needles, lancets, and scalpel blades. Thank you!  

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